Maximum Sales Power Coaching

Do you believe in investing in your own personal success? Then coaching is for you. Whether your goals are specific to your personal life or professional career, we have the tools, support and structure to move your agenda forward. Coaching is one of the most important and powerful methods of accelerating results from where your are to your next level of success.

At Maximum Sales Power, we offer three types of coaching:

  • Group Coaching
  • VIP Coaching
  • Executive Coaching

Drawing on experience with thousands of companies, leaders and individuals worldwide, Maximum Sales Power has developed the high-performance programs, reliable support and innovative mentorship you want in your coaching partner.

Jack Nicklaus was once asked, “Jack, as the best golfer on the planet, why do you have a coach? What can a coach possibly teach you if he can’t golf as well as you do?”

Jack told the interviewer, “My coach’s ability to golf better than me is not my concern. However, my coach has one important thing that I will never have, and that is perspective. You see, my coach is not me.”

The challenge is we get in our own way by thinking we can get to the next level by ourselves. This is a dangerous proposition. The fact is that there could be nothing farther from the truth or we would already be at our next level.

Let’s face it: to get to the next level of success, we all need support.

With dedicated and ongoing coaching you will...

1. Accomplish your goals much, much faster.

2. Make fewer mistakes along your path to success.

3. Achieve greater results than you ever thought possible.

If you have been navigating success without enough support, a Maximum Sales Power Coaching Program is for you. This is one of the most powerful investments you can make in YOU Inc.

Because everyone’s needs are different, we offer three unique coaching programs:
Group Coaching
1. Group Coaching

Effective, powerful and gets results! Join a group of like-minded individuals with similar interests and desires. If you’ve never had formal coaching or have been out of coaching for a while, this is a great place to start.

Group Coaching includes..

  • 90 days of coaching support
  • 60 minutes of live online and/or telephone sessions each week
  • A small group environment
  • Laser coaching
  • Live Q & A session
  • Step-by-step curriculum
  • Website resource center
  • Additional audio and/or video support
  • Access to digital workbook
  • Access to recorded past sessions — in case you miss one
VIP Coaching
2. VIP Coaching

If you really desire a one-on-one coaching relationship, VIP coaching is for you. This experience is high touch, customized and personal. We work on your specific objectives, goals and vision through a proven course curriculum. If you are ready to really accelerate your results, one-on-one coaching is for you.

VIP Coaching includes...

  • 90 days of coaching support
  • 30-60 minutes of live online and/or telephone sessions per week
  • A one-on-one relationship
  • Laser coaching
  • Step-by-step curriculum
  • Website resource center
  • Additional audio and/or video support
  • Access to digital workbook
  • More flexibility
Executive Coaching
3. Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is for C-level, business owners and entrepreneurs looking to create full-spectrum wealth. We draw from a multitude of resources and programs to create a custom designed curriculum. This advanced method of coaching helps address the specific needs of the highly-successful and vision-driven individual. If you have a big initiative, a bold vision, or feel the need for our highest level of support, this is for you.

Executive Coaching includes...

  • 6 months of coaching support
  • 30-60 minutes of live online and/or telephone sessions per week
  • Weekly follow-up and action steps
  • A one-on-one relationship
  • Laser coaching
  • Custom designed curriculum
What is Success Coaching?

Based on the bottom-line goals of the vast majority of professionals, business owners, and senior corporate executives, the way my associates and I conceptualize coaching is very precise, straightforward, and, therefore, easily definable:

Success coaching is an educational process that significantly enhances the economic achievements of individuals.

Digging a little deeper into the definition, we see that:

  • Success coaching is a process. As a process, it helps individuals both to define and achieve  realistic financial goals faster and with greater ease than would otherwise be possible.
  • The success coaching process is educational in nature. Astute individuals hire coaches for their  existing knowledge, skills, and expertise as well as their ability to create further knowledge.
  • The result of success coaching is greater monetary success, greater personal wealth. Success  coaching is about enhancing a person's ability to increase his or her personal wealth taking into  account his or her available resources – including "time."
If your goal is to become wealthier, especially if your goal is to become dramatically wealthier, then success coaching might prove very advantageous.

Contributor: Russ Alen Prince