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Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich MASTERMIND is fabulous, because your thoughts are directly related to your results. We help you learn how to harness your thoughts and create wealth!

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Have you heard of the amazing secrets that Napoleon Hill discovered?

Although originally published in 1937, “Think and Grow Rich” still holds its own amongst the many books available that discuss the psychology of wealth and investing.

The reason for this is simple. Hill studied the most successful men of his time. He was commissioned to this task, and when interviewing people like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and John D. Rockefeller, Hill found some common traits, some threads of truth in the way they lived and the habits they had formed. The way it is written discusses clearly, using examples and case studies, what you need to do in order to succeed at whatever it is you wish to achieve in life. This is especially true, as the name suggests, of efforts to grow wealth. The book itself is written clearly and enthusiastically and guides the reader carefully through the minefield of negativity that so often surrounds the areas of wealth and psychology. It is written in a clear, conversational format, which is easy to read.

Napoleon Hill uses a great number of examples, which are instantly recognizable, whether it is the names of people or companies mentioned, or the ability to clearly relate to the examples provided. Examples include great success stories, and spectacular failures, and sometimes a combination of the two. The great variety of people and practices discussed is inspiring, and Napoleon Hill displays a vast knowledge base on the topics covered.

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How We Approach: Think and Grow Rich MASTERMIND

Think and Grow Rich MASTERMIND is designed to really help you create a successful plan for achieving your goals, and reaching your dreams. The course is based on Napoleon Hills’s book, “Think and Grow Rich”. We break down this material, teaching the secrets behind the words, and show you how to harness the 13 principles that Napoleon Hill discovered in his studies. Powerful changes in your life are right around the corner with Think and Grow Rich MASTERMIND.

What You Will Take Away From: Think and Grow Rich MASTERMIND

The lessons I learned from this book and course involve a new positivity in all aspects of my life, an undying tenacity, and a winning attitude. I learned 13 principles on how to approach problems and identify opportunities. You’ll learn proven principles for turning thoughts into wealth. We work as a team, as a group in order to really break down what is working and what is holding us back. The course is 90 minutes per week for 12 weeks. This plan has been implemented by the most successful men of the 20th Century and is still being used in the 21st! Imagine waking up with the burning desire to succeed, and that desire coming naturally! Think and Grow Rich MASTERMIND will not only help you find that passion, but it gives you a design for maintaining great performance and success. Action is the first step, so sign up for the earliest available class.

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