John Boggs’ Speaking Topics

John Boggs’ Speaking Topics
How to “Lead Up” in Any Organization!

We often directly relate leadership in business to leading subordinates. However, great leadership involves leading down, across and even up! The ability to influence those at the top of the organization is highly valuable and requires a specific set of skills. “Leading up” takes technique and finesse. With effective influence, explosive growth and career advancement become inevitable. John will share his 5 keys to “leading up.”

Brave Thinking™ Brave Results

Think bravely, act boldly, and accomplish brilliantly in every aspect of life. You will learn the same Brave Thinking™ technology that Ford, Wanamaker, Firestone, Edison and many others exemplified to live their purpose, create extraordinary results, and make a significant difference in the lives of others.

A DreamBuilder™ in the Modern Age

As adults we systematically measure our dreams and immediately ask the question, “Is this possible?” In DreamBuilder™ you will explore how everything is created twice and learn how to use that truth to build your dreams effortlessly. John will also share the ONE skill that people who live happy, fulfilled lives have in common—how to turn around a sabotaging “rear-view” of life. DreamBuilder™ focuses on specific techniques so you can unlock and create a clear path to achieving your dreams.

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