Monthly Archive: February 2012

Happy Sunday

Good morning.  In the world today it has become customary to consider Monday the beginning of the week.  Actually, traditionally Sunday is the beginning of the week.  This comes from the tradition of honoring God first.  Giving God the first day of your week, and then having the rest of the week for your other …

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The movie "Moneyball" is about winning a game with unfair rules.  Brad Pitt's character has to figure out through CREATIVE THINKING how to use the tools available to him, and a new strategy to create a winning organization.  How can you use creative thinking and a new strategy to create greater results???

Whitney Houston - RIP

With the death of Whitney Houston, we are all reminded that peace of mind is truly what makes us successful.  It doesn't come from selling millions of albums, or great financial success.  Say a prayer for her soul, and thank God you are alive today, with a chance to focus on true wealth!

Cabo Rocks

Those of you that live and work in Cabo San Lucas, please take a moment and appreciate your situation!  Many destinations are struggling.  Many industries are struggling.  You are in a blessed location, doing blessed work!  Remember that!

I greet this day with LOVE in my heart!

Og Mandino shares this principle as scroll two in "The Greatest Salesman in the World". You have a much better chance of making a sales today, if your spirit is open and receptive to what the world has to offer. If you are holding resentment, fear, or anger, it is difficult to truly be open the blessings …

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Maximum Sales Power Launches 8 classes

For the first time, we have 8 active groups each week. Monday - Carlos Caballero LAWS and TAGR Tuesday - John Boggs LAWS and QL Wednesday - Chris Shryack LAWS Thursday - Carlos Lopez LAWS Friday - Mike Morrissey Into Your Guinness