Daily Quote - Two halves

“There are two halves in every relationship, but you are only responsible for your half of the relationship; it is not up to you to control the other half. Respect the other half, and there is always going to be peace in that relationship.” – Miguel Ruiz

This has been a challenging lesson for me.  Honoring differences is part of spiritual maturity.  Today, I am responsible for my feelings, and my behavior.  I am not responsible for your feelings or your behavior.  Therefore, I greet this day with love in my heart, and I leave the other half to you!  Amazingly, when I approach the relationship this way, the "other half" always responds in like kind.  It doesn't always happen in my time.  But it always happens, because it is the nature of the Universe.

Here's to your Maximum Sales Power,
John Boggs

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