Daily Quote - Facing Adversities

“It is not the cards you are dealt, but what you do with them that counts.” –Anonymous

Often we are dealt what we believe is a "bad hand, or bad cards."  However, if you have ever watched a professional poker tournament, you quickly begin to see that even the pros get dealt "bad hands."  So, what is the difference maker?  It's not the cards, and not the hands, it is HOW THE CARDS GET PLAYED, that matters.  Think about this, each day in the morning.  Each day, I wake up with a new set of cards.  It really doesn't matter whether or not my cards are better or worse than the "next person."  I can always improve how I play the cards I am dealt.  As I play the cards better, the cards begin to transform, right in front of me.  We "play the cards better" by choosing to respond instead of react, by holding vision for what we want, instead of focusing on the conditions in front of us.  By remembering that the "cards I'm dealt" are the conditions, and I can choose to play them "as if" I am holding fabulous set of cards!

Of course, this means that one day I wake up and I'm staring at a ROYAL FLUSH!!!

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