Daily Quote - Leadership

"Leaders take risks. That's not to say that they are reckless, because good leaders aren't. But they don't always take the safest route. Rarely can a person break ground and play it safe at the same time. Often, leaders must take others into the unknown, march them off the map. Look at wise leaders who take risks, and you will find that they: Gather information wisely. Risk from strength. Prepare thoroughly. Fail successfully. Display flexibility."

~John Maxwell

When we look at leaders who are making a difference we see that they have the courage to begin while others are waiting for a better time, a safer situation, or assured results. They are willing to take risks because they know that being over-cautious and indecisive kills opportunity. Leaders are also aware of the three personal benefits of risk-taking that will enhance their capabilities. These are increased awareness, expanded knowledge, and broadened excitement.

How are you leading the people who look up to you?

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