Monthly Archive: December 2015

Happy New Year!

One of the best things about ringing in the New Year is the idea of drawing a line in the sand and making a fresh start. ...To move in a new direction, take different action and create forward momentum.   ...To let go of both the challenges and victories of 2015 and charge forward with …

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Are you creating a fun environment for your team?

When you think about the office environment you provide for your team, what words come to mind? If your head fills with visions of cubicle farms and fluorescent lighting, then it’s high time for a change. Young and established companies alike have found that providing employees with a fun work environment, ultimately, leads to more …

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Wishing you every happiness this Holiday Season and throughout the coming year. We are holding a vision for you of love, joy, happiness and success. >>>CLICK HERE<<< Chris Shryack and John Boggs

Effective Leadership Through the Holidays...

Does the spirit of the season extend to your team? They are, in many respects, your family too! Even though the holidays and New Year’s Day are only a few days away, it’s not too late to show your leadership through gratitude. A little holiday cheer will be remembered long after the presents have been …

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Effective Recruiting Practices

In this video, coach and great leader, John Boggs, founder of Maximum Sales Power, explains the importance of effective recruiting practices. Watch what he says here. To the greatness in you,"    

New Year, New Possibilities

Can you hear that low rumbling in the distance? That’s 2016, and it’s closer than you think! With a new year comes new possibilities, but are you planning to tackle them head on?

Now is the time to set your goals for next year. However, simply having a vague idea of what you want does not ensure success. You must have a strong resolve, know exactly what you want, and how you plan to get there. So before you ring in the New Year, Resolve to Set Goals.

Your first step is to write your goals down. Having a physical reminder of what you want to accomplish is key to success. Of course, we live in the digital age, so feel free to tack goals to the top of your to-do list. Another good idea is to set up calendar reminders to keep goals fresh in your mind.

As you create your goals, remember to be specific. Just saying “I plan to be successful” isn’t enough. Create goals that are quantifiable or have a tangible outcome.