Brave Leaders are Enthusiastic

Man O Man did I struggle with some of the skill sets required to be a great leader when I was young and thrown intoRalph Waldo Emerson quote my first leadership role. I didn’t possess the natural skill sets or the mentorship to identify and execute the most effective leadership strategies. However, I did possess one very important characteristic. I was highly enthusiastic.

When I was a brand new sales manager I placed a sign on my desk.  The sign read, “Attitude is Everything.”  Do you believed in this statement?  I did then (and still do). Are you energetic and passionate?

Do you share your energy and passion with those you work with?  For me, it was important to be unwavering in holding a positive attitude and encourage my team to approach challenges and tasks with an enthusiastic and positive attitude.

While it took me many years to add some of the other important aspects of effective leadership, the embodiment of enthusiasm allowed me to endure mistakes and imperfection.  I learned that I could fall down and screw up as a leader in many areas and survive, as long as I stayed enthusiastic.  Enthusiasm is a leadership “Superpower.”

How do you embody enthusiasm?  What steps can you take to crank up your enthusiasm?

Enthusiasm is not "cheerfulness." It is the energy and drive to accomplish what needs to be done. A burning desire, not just an accomplishment. Enthusiasm means you do what you do with passion.

Every memorable act in the history of the world is a triumph of enthusiasm. Nothing great is achieved without it because it gives any challenge or any occupation, no matter how frightening or difficult, a new meaning. Without enthusiasm you are doomed to a life of mediocrity but with it you can accomplish miracles. - Og Mandino

3 Steps to increasing enthusiasm:

  1. Assessment - Assess your current state.  The road map to any goal starts with a clear understanding of the “starting point.”  Ask yourself, “what is my current level of enthusiasm?”
  2. Willingness - Be willing and open to a greater level of enthusiasm.  At first, it might feel like you are “faking it until you make it.”  However, over time, the enthusiasm will become more and more authentic and contagious.  Don’t rush it, but rather allow your natural state to grow in the area of enthusiasm.
  3. Vision - Hold the end result in mind.  What are you goals?  How does it look when it all works out?  Put yourself on your proverbial “mountain top.”  How does it feel to be there?  What level of enthusiasm was embodied to create this end result?  Come from your vision.

Attitude IS everything.  You can lead and accomplish great things with an enthusiastic attitude.  Today, I choose to be enthusiastic in service of my goals, dreams, and the vision for the life I am living.  I encourage you to join me.

Here’s to your Brave Leadership!

John Boggs

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