Close the Sale...

ABC! Always Be Closing! We’ve all heard this little saying, but is it really good advice? If all you think about is getting your client to sign on the dotted line, then you aren’t really connecting with them! This being said, you want to always ask for the order. Good salespeople serve more clients by closing the sale!

There are plenty of positive things you can do to increase the odds of closing the deal without pressuring the client. Here are some of my favorites.

First and foremost, communicate well. This can be done in numerous ways. Of course, you’ll need to speak clearly. In addition, maintain eye contact and ensure you aren’t physically closed off. This means not crossing your arms or facing your body away from the client.

Being a good communicator means being a great listener. Actively listen to what is being said. It’s likely he or she will have concerns. Allow them to explain each one before offering your solution.New Mindset:New Results

Don’t forget to have a positive attitude. If your client has had a bad day, or is getting cold feet, don’t let their negative energy affect yours. Stay upbeat, use humor, and above all, smile more often!

It’s also important to remember that closing a deal may take more than the first yes. Even if your client has said, “Yes,’ don’t expect them to sign the contract right away. It’s possible that more effort may be needed to encourage them to take action and sign.  

It doesn’t take much effort to incorporate these tips into your routine. Even better, I’m just scratching the surface. Drop me an email and I’ll be happy to share even more.

Here's to many successful sales yet to come!


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