I Don't Want my Business to Perish!

Great leaders are always learning.

As an executive coach, I have found that most leaders understand the value of learning. 

Earlier today I was talking with the CEO of a “moving and storage company.” This business owner had a burning question. He asked me, “should I double my storage space?” Where ther is no vision people perish He began describing his current dilemma and cost per square foot of the new space he was contemplating.

I then asked him a very simple question, “where do you see your business in five years?” and his answer was unclear. This man has built a very successful business, but many successful entrepreneurs don’t currently have long term plans or a clear long term vision.

Building a long term plan or creating a long term vision can be challenging.

I sat down with my client and we built a 5 year vision. Thanks to this vision, he now has an image in mind of exactly what he’d love to see his business having accomplished in 5 years. The picture is clear.  

  • Do you have a 5 year vision?  
  • What would you love for your business?  

Once we have a clear vision, we are able to share this vision with our team, conveying and building team coherence.

Build a clear vision and you’ll find that your results will fall in line. 

If you’d like some techniques and tools for “vision development,” send me a message! I have some great assets that will help you.  

Be a Brave Leader,

John Boggs

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