Is Donald Trump a Great Salesperson?

Let me start by saying this is not a political message, but a sales message.  Today in the United States, most people find themselves polarized by politics. The question we are focused on today is the following:  What is the number #1 attribute that allowed Donald Trump to rise to the nomination of the Republican party?


Let’s be clear, we are talking about PERCEIVED authenticity. The overwhelming feedback about politicians in America today is that they lack authenticity.  There is a ground swell desire for more straight talk and authenticity, yet politicians instead tell us what they think we want to hear.  The American people are so fed up with the state of politics that they are looking for someone that is authentic. Polls indicate that Donald Trump supporters believe that he is authentic. The fact that he speaks his mind and is unafraid to say anything, indicates to many folks that he exemplifies authenticity.

Why does this matter to you?  The answer is simple!

ANSWER: Create more perceived authenticity


The general public has a perception about salespeople. Polls also indicate that people believe salespeople are willing to say anything to make a sale, therefore people perceive them as unauthentic.  So, how can you increase your perceived authenticity?  You can tell yourself, “but I’m authentic!”  It really doesn’t matter if you are being authentic, if the client thinks you are being fake! The secret is to communicate your authenticity with impact.

4 tools salespeople can use to express more authenticity

1) Use the word “No”

“No” is the single most impactful word in the sales process.  The key is to express a sense of care and appreciation when telling a client “No.”  Give the client a justifiable reason for telling them “No.”  You will earn their respect and they will see you as more authentic.

2) Share your imperfection

Tell your clients a personal story that includes some personal information or even a challenge that you have faced.  By letting the client into your “inner circle” you can garner a sense of commonality and rapport.  Be careful regarding the exact information you share, it shouldn’t be too dramatic.

3) Tell it like it is

In sales, we call these “baby negatives.”  One of the most common objections that clients share is that the salesperson made it sound “too good to be true.”  What challenges or imperfections can you share about your product?  Again, there is a balance between sharing a “baby negative” and killing the sale.

4) Demonstrate caringbe-authenctic

Most companies have core values that often include some form of “go the extra mile” or “the clients come first.”  It is easy to write these statements down, however it isn’t always easy to actually demonstrate these core values. What step can you take that clearly demonstrates that you care more than the average salesperson? Walk the talk. As people, we believe what we see far more than believing what we hear.

So, there you have it!  Express more authenticity. Challenge yourself. You’ll see your results improve and you’ll enjoy greater success!

Here’s to your Maximum Sales Power,

John Boggs


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