Sharpening Leadership Skills

Having a leadership position means you’ve worked hard to get to where you are. You’ve crushed enough goals, as well as learned from a few mistakes to lead others to greatness. But don’t get too comfortable in that corner office! Are you doing all you can to connect with your team?  leadership

Now is not the time to rest on your laurels! Here are four ways to sharpen your leadership skills!

First, be a resource. Don’t spend all day focusing on numbers and reports. Spend time each day talking to your team. Find out what obstacles are affecting them and how you can advise. In some cases, you’ll be celebrating a victory in person, instead of by spreadsheet.

Next, ask questions. Trust me, no one is right one hundred percent of the time. Even if you are resolute, ask your team for input. This involves them in important decisions and builds a strong team atmosphere. Of course, you may learn something along the way!

It’s also important to network. If your digital Rolodex is gathering dust, then it’s time to get out there and make some new connections. Chances are, there’s an industry mixer or lecture going on each week. Pack a pocketful of business cards and rub some elbows. You’ll make allies, generate leads, and create greater awareness of your company.

Finally, learn to accept failure with grace. Nobody bats a thousand, so when you strikeout, avoid reacting negatively. Everything is a teachable moment. Show your team that you can bounce back from struggle with a renewed perspective. Remaining calm and positive will teach them to react constructively when the going gets tough.

These simple techniques will keep your leadership humming like a well-tuned machine. For more tips, write me an email. I’m always ready to network! 

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