How to Win on EVERY Sales Presentation

I was talking with a sales representative and I asked her a very particular question. The question was “What is your goal for every sales presentation?” She answered “To throw money on the board, to make a sale!”  Because of her answer, I was able to challenge her in thinking about the goal differently.  I suggested that “making the sale” is a result, not the goal.  I asked the question again, “what is the GOAL?” She then shared, “to connect with my client?” Again, I challenged her with the concept that connecting with your client is just a step or strategy. In the end, she was stumped! I felt for this woman because most people think “making the sale” is the goal. 

Highly successful salespeople know that selling is only a result, not the goal.

So what is the goal??????

THE GOAL:  To Serve!

The greatest performers know that the goal is effective service. Most of us are challenged with knowing what “real service” looks like. Most salespeople are thinking “me, me, me.”  What’s in it for me? I WANT to throw money on the board! I WANT to hit my goal! I WANT to make a sale!   

The more effective you are at serving your clients, the more impactful and successful you will be. What does your client really WANT? How can you serve and help everyone you talk to, regardless of the sales outcome? This is a challenging thought. Thinking about how you can serve your client FIRST can feel backwards and yet, it is the fastest path to success. With this goal in mind you’ll make more sales, reach your financial goals, and enjoy the ride.

Questions to ask:

  1. How can I serve this client?

  2. What does this client really want?

  3. How can I add value to my clients experience whether they buy or not?

  4. Today, how can I be a “person of increase?”

  5. How can I add value through this interaction?

Being a “person of increase” means leaving each person and interaction with the sense of positive impact and greater value.

Stay tuned into being of service to your clients and adding value to every sales conversation.  

Make this your goal and watch your results increase!

Here’s to your Maximum Sales Power,

John Boggs


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  1. Sandy Giles

    Thank You John????
    You always taught us about servicing our clients .
    Making them happy , listening for their needs .
    Thinking outside the box into their future .
    I Thank You for my success at the Villa Group,
    For the past 20 years.

    1. John Boggs

      Thanks Sandy! Big hugs to you! You are truly an example of high quality service!

  2. Michelle

    This philosophy serves my clients, prospective clients and every person I interact with from my family members to the person pumping my gas. As a result, I flourish, as does my business.

    Thank you for the reminder of how I want to show up in the world.

    1. Maximum Sales Power

      Awesome Michelle! Keep up the good work.

      1. John Boggs

        Love it Michelle. You are absolutely right. "How we do anything is how we do EVERYTHING"

  3. Jen

    Yes right on!!! Love this JOHN "Selling truly is Serving" 🙂


    1. Maximum Sales Power

      Thank Jen!

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