Why did your best person leave?

I was sitting in my office a few years ago when a man named Joe walked in. He was my business rockstar!  Joe was my best employee.  Upon talking, he proceeded to tell me that he was giving me notice and would be resigning from his position at the end of the month.   I …

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How to Win on EVERY Sales Presentation

I was talking with a sales representative and I asked her a very particular question. The question was “What is your goal for every sales presentation?” She answered “To throw money on the board, to make a sale!”  Because of her answer, I was able to challenge her in thinking about the goal differently.  I …

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3 Keys to "Turn Your Ship Around!"

Picture this! There is a good leader who is facing a challenge. Nothing troubles him more than watching the numbers drop. He arrives home after another tough day, scratching his head and asks “what the heck is going on?!?”  He crawls into bed to face a fitful night of sleep. He tosses and turns, trying …

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Is Donald Trump a Great Salesperson?

Let me start by saying this is not a political message, but a sales message.  Today in the United States, most people find themselves polarized by politics. The question we are focused on today is the following:  What is the number #1 attribute that allowed Donald Trump to rise to the nomination of the Republican party?


Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote

Brave Leaders are Enthusiastic

Man O Man did I struggle with some of the skill sets required to be a great leader when I was young and thrown into my first leadership role. I didn’t possess the natural skill sets or the mentorship to identify and execute the most effective leadership strategies. However, I did possess one very important characteristic. …

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Effective Leadership

How Effective is Your Leadership?

How effective is your leadership?

There isn’t a leader that at some level of insight, hasn’t asked him/herself that exact question. How do you know if you are an effective leader? There is a vast smorgasbord of leadership styles out there. Is the right leadership style idiosyncratic? If not, how do you find the right one?

John Boggs here, and I thought you might enjoy a “thought provoking” look at some of the characteristics of effective leadership.  Take a moment and read this information and then rate yourself in the areas mentioned.

A Great Leader Invests in People

What Makes a Great Leader?... If you’ve chosen your team correctly, they spend the bulk of their day focused on building the company. They strive to meet goals, beat deadlines, and be the collective face that furthers your mission. With all the time employees invest for you, how much time do you invest in them? …

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Close the Sale...

ABC! Always Be Closing! We’ve all heard this little saying, but is it really good advice? If all you think about is getting your client to sign on the dotted line, then you aren’t really connecting with them! This being said, you want to always ask for the order. Good salespeople serve more clients by …

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Do You Believe In Your People?

Countless hours are spent ensuring optimum productivity, keeping customers happy, and meeting demands. I also don’t need to reiterate that your team is fundamental to ensuring success. But having an unwavering belief in your team is something we should all be reminded of from time to time. Think about it: If you worked for someone …

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Sharpening Leadership Skills

Having a leadership position means you’ve worked hard to get to where you are. You’ve crushed enough goals, as well as learned from a few mistakes to lead others to greatness. But don’t get too comfortable in that corner office! Are you doing all you can to connect with your team?   Now is not …

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