Maximum Leadership and Management


Leadership is influence! Leaders are not born, they are trained. All the tools needed to grow are inside you, waiting to be unleashed! Maximum Sales Power’s Leadership & Management course reveals exactly how to maximize your influence and leadership.

It’s time for work to start working for you.

Perhaps you are in charge of a team that constantly needs direction.

Maybe you fear the possibility of failure…

Is your aptitude for exceeding goals at work meaning that you aren't spending enough time at home or doing the things you want to do?

These aren’t roadblocks.

They are merely indicators that you are dedicated to achieving success!

As a leader who is constantly in demand, it’s easy to fall into the trap of being spread too thin. That constant pressure can result in deteriorating productivity at work and a disconnection from your family and friends.

Maximum Sales Power shows you how to rethink the structure of leadership to attain stability and produce dramatic results.

Put the Laws on your side.

In 1998, John C. Maxwell wrote the best-selling book “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.” Through personal anecdotes and real business stories, he has helped countless professionals succeed as sales managers, team leaders and innovators. It’s the reason Business Insider named Maxwell the world’s most influential leadership expert!

Core leadership values taught in the book include:

  • The Law of Process - Leaders are always learners.
  • The Law of Empowerment - Great leaders gain authority by giving it away.
  • The Law of Explosive Growth - To add growth, lead followers. To multiply growth, lead leaders.
  • The Law of Victory - You can’t win without good athletes, but you can lose with them.

Maximum Sales Power expands on each of the twenty-one principles, showing how they can be applied to produce break-through results.

Learn how to:

  • Build trust and respect with those who look to you for guidance
  • Influence your team to take matters into their own hands
  • Construct leaders from within your organization
  • Create a legacy that ensures your team can work independently, giving you time to focus on other projects or simply take some time for yourself!

Maximum Power - Minimal Time

We know you’re in demand both at work and at home. Maximum Sales Power’s programs were built with the busy professional in mind.

All it takes is one class a week for ten weeks, and a little of your free time!

In return you’ll achieve results you never thought possible from your team. Even your own results will improve.

It’s time you made an impact that increases numbers, team morale, and your own peace of mind.

It’s time for MaXimuM Sales Power.