Daily Quote - Enthusiasm

"The key to success is not through achievement, but through enthusiasm." - Malcolm Forbes

Being enthusiastic can include being excited about a given project. Enthusiasm entails having a strong interest in the task at hand. Whatever you decide to undertake, you want to dedicate yourself wholeheartedly.

When you love what you do, it isn't difficult to get psyched up and get the job done. The hard part is performing equally well in those less interesting tasks.

For example, a person who loves to negotiate deals for the company will likely go after them arduously and get great results. However, that same person may hate writing reports summarizing his potential deals. Deals may get turned down not necessarily because the deal is bad, but because the report is bad. You can hit 100% performance on the deals, but by only hitting 50% performance on your reports, you are averaging out your performance to 75%. Therefore, the net effect is substandard.

Enthusiasm means that you are stimulated by your work, and are able to find new challenges and keep growing professionally. Put as much effort into every task related to your deals, and you’ll be pumping out a "top-notch" performance. It is this kind of performance that will get you ahead in this world. Choose to engage in activities that you can get enthusiastic about!

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