Daily Quote - "The Process"

“We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up, seeing it is not as dreadful as it appeared, discovering we have the strength to stare it down. ” - Eleanor Roosevelt

I love Eleanor Roosevelt!  She truly was a "Wise Soul."  I describe the concept in her quote as "The Process."  One of my early mentors constantly told me, "Trust in the Process!."  I had a hard time understanding what he meant.  I was struggling with my current conditions.  I really didn't understand the dynamic of "Trusting in the Process."  Over time, I began to understand what he meant....

If I simply do my best today, it makes a huge difference over time.  This is "The Process"  Great days stack up!  They become great months, great years, and a great life!  "It takes what it takes"

Greatness is created one step at a time.  Take a step toward your greatness today!

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