Daily Quote - Starting Fresh

“Though it may not seem so when you first encounter a serious blow, you can never lose two of the most important assets you have. These are the power of your mind and your freedom to use it. Once you have turned them to understanding what laid you low, you can begin forming new plans. You may not have the money you once had; you may lack the allies you had cultivated. But you still have the benefit of a universe that eventually rewards honest effort, as well as gaining the experience of mistakes you will never make again. Remember, no matter where you are now, whatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve.

There always remains an opportunity to make a new start."   - Napoleon Hill

No matter what your day was like yesterday, every new day holds endless possibilities.  Great lives are created "a day at a time."  A great day, leads to a great week, great month, great year, and eventually a miraculous life.  Upon awakening, remember that today is a precious gift, and treat is as such.

I am committed to making today successful.  I accomplish this goal, one activity at a time.  Start your day, by holding this thought at the center of your thinking, and create the corresponding vibrational state with your actions and emotions.

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