Sunday Night Reunion!

It’s Reunion Time!

I’ll be in Cabo Sunday night!

I have been away and missed our community. Have you? I wanted to share my appreciation for you’ve done to get our message out to the world and want to hold a ONE NIGHT event for our MSP alums!

Let’s get together! NO BULL, LET’S PARTY 🙂 < <<< Click Here to RSVP

I’ll also cover the secrets behind some AMAZING new research that will help you increase your ability to be MASSIVELY influential… and learn something about POWERFUL INFLUENCE that can increase your results.

There are 6 principles always at work in your sales career and most of us don’t really know how to make use of them… I’ll give you three, but you’ll have to come to the reunion to get the rest AND to find out HOW YOU CAN MAKE THEM WORK IN YOUR BUSINESS!

) Authority
) Consistency
) Liking
) ?
) ?
6) ?

Do you want to know the others? < << YES! I’ll be there to find out!

The office is small which means we have limited space for this complimentary evening. Come hang out with the highly successful MSP ALUMNI!

See you soon!

John Boggs
Founder / Maximum Sales Power

PS The best part of a community like ours (alums of this program) is that with our collective experience and the exchange of ideas, our sales can’t help but grow. Come and be a part of this FUN get-together, and you might just walk away with some great nuggets to explode YOUR business.

>>>>RSVP HERE<<<<

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