Are you creating a fun environment for your team?

When you think about the office environment you provide for your team, what words come to mind? If your head fills with visions of cubicle farms and fluorescent lighting, then it’s high time for a change.

Young and established companies alike have found that providing employees with a fun work environment, ultimately, leads to more productivity. With this in mind, consider incorporating some or all of the following tips to transform your workplace.

Make it comfortable! This can be interpreted in lots of different ways. Perhaps your team would benefit from a shared workspace or an open floor plan. You could also provide couches and bar seating to add variety to where work gets done.

Bring in Natural Light! I’ve visited many offices that keep the blinds drawn tight. Instead, allow the sun’s warm rays to fill the office. See if you can get away from using harsh overhead lighting where possible.

Play games! Start-up companies are famous for giving employees ways to let off some steam. The choices are endless, and include ping pong and pool tables, corn hole, video games, and more.fun at work

Set aside time for fun! Sometimes people need to be reminded to take a break. Try to schedule time once a week for something non-work related. You could have a tournament playing one of the games listed above. Another idea is to schedule a group outing. I remember treating one of my sales teams to a moving night.  Thirty five of us all went to the latest “funny” movie that had just opened up.  What a great time we had!

A fun work environment has many benefits. Your employees will look forward to coming to the office and productivity will increase. In addition, prospective hires and clients will be impressed with the quality of office life you provide. And maybe, just maybe, you can find the time to polish your ping pong skills!

Here's to more fun at work!!

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