3 tips to breathing your way to better sales

Wanna sell more?  Breathe! 

One of my mentors shared this idea with me.  He asked me if I wanted to be a top producer?  I said, “Of course!”  However, I thought his idea was a bunch of hocus pocus.  It was my practice to stay opened minded and so I was willing to follow his direction.  He gave me some very specific action steps that I’ll share with you at the bottom.  

But first, do you want high performance? If so, you need to learn the skill set of controlled breathing and when to execute the tools we will share.

Let’s start by sharing some research as to why our breathing is so important to high performance.

In a Forbes magazine article titled “Breathing and Your Brain by David DiSalvo,” he reveals 5 scientific benefits for grabbing control of your breath.

1. Managing Stress

This is the most direct application of controlled breathing and the one we hear about most. Our brains are routinely on high alert for threats in our environment—we’re wired to react defensively to anything that hints of imperiling us physically or psychologically.

As we know, in the sales world, we have many conversations that trigger stress.

2. Managing Anxiety

The means by which controlled breathing triggers the parasympathetic nervous system is linked to stimulation of the vagus nerve—a nerve running from the base of the brain to the abdomen, responsible for mediating nervous system responses and lowering heart rate, among other things.

The calmer we stay, the better we can react to Anxious moments in the sales process.

3. Lowering Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Research suggests that when practiced consistently, controlled breathing will result in lower blood pressure and heart rate, which in turn results in less wear and tear on blood vessels.  As described above, the vagus nerve plays a key role in this response.

Using controlled breathing to lower blood pressure and heart rate can help you think clearly and serve clients brilliantly.

4. Sparking Brain Growth

One of the more intriguing research developments involving controlled breathing is that when it’s used to facilitate meditation, the result can be an actual increase in brain size. Specifically, the brain experiences growth in areas associated with attention and processing of sensory input. The bigger your brain, the better your attention. Better attention, better sales!

5. Changing Gene Expression

Another unexpected research finding is that controlled breathing can alter the expression of genes involved in immune function, energy metabolism and insulin secretion.

The study uncovering this finding was co-authored by none other than Herbert Benson himself, some 40 years after he brought controlled breathing into the spotlight with his book.

And this isn’t the first study linking controlled breathing to changes in genetic expression. Benson was also involved in a 2008 study indicating that long-term practice of the relaxation response results in changes to the expression of genes associated with how the body reacts to stress.

Again, the healthier we are, the more stamina and energy for high performance we will be capable of demonstrating.

SO….. What were the tools my mentor gave me?

1. Start the day with 5 deep breaths while imagining myself getting a sale

2. Take 5 deep breaths right before I start a sales presentation and focus my     mind on serving my client

3. End the day with 5 deep breaths, focusing my mind on gratitude. Asking myself, “What did I learn today? What can I be grateful for?"

Use these 3 techniques to invoke the super power of your own breath.  You will perform better and your body and pocketbook will love it!

Here’s to your Maximum Sales Power,

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