Make Technology Your Friend

For some of us, technology can be a little daunting. It seems like everyday there are new ways to communicate and better ways to share information. The constant evolution can be difficult to keep up with!

Still, it’s important that you are in touch with changing trends and how they can affect your bottom line. Read over my quick tips to help keep your finger on the pulse of what’s current.

My first tip? Read the news to stay informed! I bet all of you are already doing this. Mainstream journalism often includes new and important technology. Can any of the newer technology tools have a positive effect on your business?Technology

Next, ask your team. Chances are, there will be at least one person who is passionate about tech. Even better, they could be waiting for the opportunity to tell you how a new tool or service can give the team a leg up.

Finish your reconnaissance by touching base with customers and suppliers. Have they streamlined their process with new technology?

Once you’re informed, consider an investment. Notice I didn’t say go whole hog and suggest making significant or immediate changes Perform your due diligence. There’s often going to be be the cost of entry, a learning curve, boundaries brought on by proprietary software, and so on. If it’s the right fit though, go for it!

Keeping abreast of change will help you keep current  in a sea of new technology. Not every new system and service will be a perfect fit. But, being up-to-date will help you stay relevant and keep your business moving in the right direction.


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