Shovel The Piles While They're Small

Try as we might, even the most effective leaders can be caught off guard at times. At some point we all have to deal with a compliance issue, an accounting mistake, or a call from a concerned client. While the easiest route would be to avoid a confrontation until you feel comfortable addressing these issues, this method usually has the least effectiveness.

Instead of letting the stress and anxiety of these situations slowly chip away at your psyche, my advice is to always put your feelings on pause and immediately take action.

There really isn't a method or game-plan to tackling these issues that delay can resolve. All you need to do is address them in a conversation by being honest, and most importantly, by being respectful. shovel

Try to approach the person or people by asking for their help. An example would be, “Can you describe the problem to me and how I can help you?”

Of course, these conversations may not be easy. Thankfully, the payoff of a quick response can often exceed your efforts. More times than not, you’ll discover the problem wasn’t as bad as you initially thought. Plus,the person who has the issue will appreciate your quick response. Most of all, a problem left alone has the ability to snowball. No one wants that! 

So the next time a client or team member has a problem, address it right away. Eliminating issues at the start creates peace of mind and allows more time to focus on your own initiatives.

Shovel the piles when they are small.


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