Who Are You Attracting?

Have you ever thought about choosing the clients that you would love to work with.  What would your “ideal” client look like?  Who is your “avatar” client?

Having a clear definition and focusing on who you would love to work with, and what type of client you would like to attract, has a powerful effect on your business.  

Make a list of all of the attributes that would describe the person you would love to work with this year. Here is a short list of qualities that you can start with:

  • Gender and age
  • Family status
  • Type of employment
  • Qualifications
  • Energy Level
  • Experience

These are just a handful of examples. I encourage you to be as specific as possible when designing the avatar for your ideal client. AVATAR

One of the benefits of defining your customer is having a better idea of how to find and attract them. This can be as simple as networking and can expand to conferences and social media. Knowing who your customer is and defining their interests will hone your search and allow you to use your time more effectively.

Personifying your ideal customer may seem like an exercise at first. But, if you continue to dig deeper and refine who this person is, chances are your results will skyrocket! You will love your work more because you will be working with more of who you would like.  


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