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Melomec and Maximum Sales Power create new alliance

Hello Folks! I am excited to announce that Melomec Studios is doing some work with Maximum Sales Power. We are looking to enhance and create new courses, concepts and internet material to enhance the learning and resources that Maximum Sales Power is able to provide our clients. Check out for more information about Alex …

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Site Updated has been updated.  We are excited to launch the next phase of our site.  More information, more courses, great new features.  Courses start next week, the most important step you can take for your success is action.  Sign up and start making a difference in your own results.

Life Mastery Consulting

For those of you that would like to become a life coach, check into Life Mastery Consulting!  They offer a great program for becoming certified in teaching and training, the laws of success.  Great group, great products!

The Laws of Sales Success Testimonial from Michael

I have done literally dozens of sales training's in my career, but The Laws of Sales Success has been decidedly the most beneficial of all. The memorizing of closing techniques and sales questions, though valuable and necessary, prove to serve as a secondary cause. This training focuses on what most sales people never

The Laws of Sales Success Testimonial from Adam

Maximum Sales Power has changed my life... It has given me direction, mental and emotional strengths that I knew I had but didn't know how to access. I am on top of

The Laws of Sales Success Testimonial from Karla!

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone... It does!!! and this workshop is a beautiful tool to shake you and to discover...

John Buckley's comments about Sales Training by John Boggs

Gripping, fun, and so useful!

The Laws of Sales Success really has tools that work. And John Boggs seems born to inspire and teach...

The Laws of Sales Success testimonial from Georgina!

This is the first time I've been involved in something that was designed to build a foundation for my success.

Laws of Sales of Success testimonial from William!

I've been in the timeshare business for 20 years in Los Cabos. The Laws of Sales Success is well past due in my life!